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Dear All,

Thank you for those who attended the AGM on the 9th May and for the members who did not attend hope fully this newsletter will fill in the gaps. 

We would like to thank Matthew Kent and Tom Redfern for their committed service to the NWULG. They have decided to stand down after years in their respective posts of President and Treasurer. We would like to wish them well in their continued attendance at the group without the stress of the committee. 

The members present elected Mr Peter Hughes to the role of president, Mr Mike Walton to treasurer, Miss Jo Winton to second therapy committee member and myself (Mr Rish Parmar) to the post of secretary. We would like to welcome the new committee members.

Mr Len Funk has been chained to his very committed role of IT guru and we would like to thank him whole heartedly for this. Mr Andrew Gardner was re-elected to his position as therapy committee member. 

It was decided that Honorary Life Membership would be awarded to our visiting speakers. 

Our next meeting will be on the 7Th November 2017. We have managed to entice the dynamic duo of Ro Kulkarni and Clare Connor to come and speak to us. 

Andrew has kindly produced extensive minutes of the discussion of the therapy issues for the NWULG which are attached. 

Finally NWULG joins Twitter! @NWULG 

There have been concerns regarding some members not receiving emails. For all those on social media Twitter has been selected as another method to inform our membership. 

Thank you again for your continued membership and support.

Rish Parmar on behalf of the NWULG Committee.