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23RD February 2016

In attendance: Matthew Kent, Chairman
Thomas Redfern, Treasurer
Andrew Gardner, Physiotherapy Representative
Peter Hughes, Secretary
Apologies: Len Funk, Web master

1. Treasurers report
Mr Redfern presented the finances. The Society is in good health with much better returns from subscriptions.
The cost of the website has been made up from collection of outstanding membership arrears.
The guest speakers from November proved to be very economical and it was Mr Redfern’s recommendation that subscriptions remain unchanged.
The balance standing at this meeting was £5,564 in credit.

2. Non paying members update
It appeared that we had lost between 10 and 15 members on requests for payment.  All other outstanding members were now paying by standing order.
It is apparent that most physiotherapists are now self-funding their own membership.
3. Open issues
a) Dates of next meetings were decided as

  • 10th May 2016
  • 8th November 2016 (this date will be kept flexible as per guest lecturer)
  • 31st January 2017
  • 9th May 2017

Members of the committee are planning to make invitations from various units with regard to future speakers.

b) Venue issues
TR and PH have both discussed the over provision of meals at the venue of the meetings and that at most meetings we could reduce down to a number of 30.  It has been suggested that we do not supply coffee or possibly request counting of the sachets used.  It was felt that we should continue to invite a radiologist to the meeting as this had been of benefit and PH will liaise with the venue and the radiologist.

c) It was felt broadly speaking that the meeting format should stay the same.

Membership criteria
- No further changes were required to the membership criteria

Physiotherapy involvement.
It was felt that a therapy case would be welcomed at each meeting.  It was suggested that AG as lead physio should drive this.  It would be possible for us to provide extra time for physiotherapy to meet before the meeting or even arrange for an extra meeting purely for physiotherapy in the same venue or within a hospital to allow for patient involvement.  The committee would support all this.

4. New business
a) Sponsorship was discussed and there were no plans to proceed with any further requests for sponsorship.

Guest lecturers.
Suggestions were made and the Secretary will actively source one of the suggested speakers.

PH had contacted Len Funk and there appear to be no ongoing issues at present with the website.

Other suggestions.
There was a wide ranging discussion with regard to extra advertising to promote meetings.  It was felt that a single communication should be sent out to the membership with all the dates for next year once they are finalised.
Finally it was agreed that all committee members were happy to continue on in their roles but they would of course welcome any new potential committee members as an ad hoc addition to the committee or to potentially replace existing members in due course.

Next Committee Meeting - early 2017 after January meeting - date to be confirmed.