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Dear all,

We have booked a room at The Holiday Inn for the 13th Sept. For our first return to face to face. Speakers to be confirmed but in the absence of the team from Walton we will have cases and an AGM. 

With the change of venue we will now have a Cabernet style room with a 3 course dinner. In view of this we have to pre-order meals as the menu is quiet extensive. 

I suppose due to this it will automatically require confirmation and attendance. So can people email me on of who would like to attend and I can send out a menu choice. I am currently on leave so please just bear that in mind if I respond at random times. Need to be pre-ordered by the 30th of this month. 

If you are bringing fellows/guests etc please ensure that I have a name to associate food to. 

We are trying to update our database of members too so I will be asking for updated contact details soon.