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This 2-day conference, themed as “Sporting Shoulder - New Discoveries and Future Directions” will combine great scientific content and tremendous clinical expertise to share with us the most current advances in the field of sport-related shoulder rehabilitation and to underpin fundamental challenges to address in the future.

The field of Shoulder Rehabilitation in sports is fast changing as technological, scientific, and clinical advances collectively continue to produce an overwhelming range of new knowledge and evidence. This strongly implies that successful shoulder rehabilitation nowadays requires close collaborative teamwork and implementation of inter- and multidisciplinary interventions. Hence, I hope that this conference will provide a valuable opportunity for sharing our knowledge around the most recent advances in the field and ways they can be best implemented to resolve the most challenging issues.

A distinctive aspect of the conference programme is the interdisciplinary nature of research-focused symposiums, expert-led discussion forums with exciting and trending topics, and several interactive practical workshops. We have a strong line-up of speakers and a great organising team working to make this a productive and memorable meeting.

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Location: Liverpool Hope University

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