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Two days of tips & tricks from an international collection of experts.

Invited faculty includes Pascal Boileau, Andy Carr, Assaf Dekel, Jean Grimberg, Muthu Jeyam, Amit Modi, Duncan Tennent and Philippe Valenti  

There are a few places remaining, so please book early to reserve a place:
Mavis Luya: +44(0)1257 256248

Full programme below:

Thursday, 15th March 2018
08.30 Registration 
Welcome and Introduction - Prof I A Trail  
09.00  Section 1: Rotator Cuff disorders - Optimising outcomes 
Chairs: Sarah Russell and I Trail
09.00 Choosing the best mechanical construct Muthu Jeyam 
09.15 Management of Acute Cuff tears Mike Walton
09.30 Subscapularis tears- Current concepts Puneet Monga
09.45 Early vs delayed mobilisation Bruno Mazuquim/ Sarah Russell/ Theresa Goggins
10.00 Reversibility of muscle / tendon after repair Ian Trail 
10.15 Making Physiotherapy work - Top tips Jo Gibson
10.35 Discussion - 10 min
11.00 Section 2: Failed Rotator Cuff Surgery 
Chairs: Rob Conlon and Steve Bale
11.00 Causes of failure Andy Carr
11.20 Making physiotherapy work when surgery doesn’t Robert Conlon
11.40 Should we have used Rotator Cuff augmentation Len Funk
12.00 Should we have used Biologics - Andy Carr
12.20 Discussion - 20 min
13.40 Section 3: Massive Cuff tears 
Chairs: Julia Walton and Len Funk
13.40 to 14.10 Supra scapular nerve ablation - Matt Ravenscroft and team physio 
14.10 to 14.40 Bridging Grafts - Amit Modi and team physio 
14.40 to 15.10 Tendon Transfer – Jean Grimberg and team physio 
15.10  TEA BREAK
15.30 to 16.00 In Space Balloon – Assaf Dekel and team physio 
16.00 to 16.30  Superior Capsular reconstruction - Duncan Tennent and team physio 
16.30 Case discussions – 30 minutes
 17.00 CLOSE
19.00 to 20.00  Drinks and Industry Workshops - Wrightington Hotel
20.00 Course Dinner - All Faculty and Delegates 

Friday, 16th March 2018
09.00 Section 4:  Gleno-humeral arthritis - Optimising outcomes 
Chairs: Julia Walton and Puneet Monga
Anatomical Total Shoulder replacement
09.00   Evolution and indications Ian Trail
09.20 Evidence update- what’s new in the last 3 years Matt Ravenscroft
09.40 Surgical technique Video presentation Pascal Boileau
10.00 Discussion - 20 min
10.40 Section 5: Cuff Tear Arthropathy 
Chairs: Jill Thomas and Mike Walton
Reverse Geometry shoulder replacement
10.40 Evolution and indications Steve Bale
11.00 Evidence update- what’s new in the last 3 years Jean Grimberg
11.20 Surgical technique Video Presentation Pascal Boileau
11.40 Discussion 20 min
12.00 Rehabilitation the Wrightington Way  Wrightington Team 
12.20 LUNCH 
13.40 Section 6: Key Lecture session
Introduction  Ian Trail and Sarah Russell
13.40 Shoulder replacements 10 years from now! Philippe Valenti
14.05 PSI and Custom implants Pascal Boileau
15.20 Section 7: The Failed Shoulder replacement 
Chair: Steve Bale
15.20 Revision arthroplasty in trauma sequelae Muthu Jeyam
15.35 Managing infection Ian Trail
15.50 Managing Instability Philippe Valenti
16.05 Managing Bone Loss Pascal Boileau
16.20 Discussion 10 min
1630 CLOSE