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I hope all the members of the North West Upper Limb Group have enjoyed a pleasant summer.  I am sure all the group will join with me in expressing our thanks to both Matt Kent and Tom Redfern for their tireless efforts in helping to manage the group over the last few years.  It is a great pleasure to be able to welcome Rish Parmar and Mike Walton on to the committee and we all look forward to working with them.

Rish has already been very active in taking over my duties as Secretary and arranging our meeting for November 7th.  We have now been able to confirm that Mr Ro Kulkarni past president of BESS will be attending to give a lecture.  Accompanying him will be Clare Connor who is the physical therapy representative on the BESS executive committee.  I am sure both their talks will be very interesting and informative and I look forward to a good attendance at this meeting.

Having been given a new role as President this allows me more time to consider how we can direct NWULG in the future.  I am very pleased that the group remains very active and it is our intention to keep it this way.  It is clear that BESS has grown exponentially over the last few years.  The BESS executive have realised that BESS annual meetings can now only fit into a small number of large venues.  They have thus indicated their intention of bringing the BESS meetings much more under their governance.  It is likely in the future that BESS meetings will be organised more by regional groups rather than individual units.

During the BESS meeting this year in Coventry I had the opportunity to discuss with Peter Brownson, Amar Rangan and Mike Thomas the possibility of the NW Upper Limb Group running a future BESS meeting.  This discussion proved to be a positive one.  We have further discussed it amongst the NW Upper Limb Group Committee and there is broad agreement that it would be prestigious for the NW Upper Limb Group to run a BESS meeting.

I have had an opportunity to discuss future BESS meetings with Jai Mistry of Concept Meetings.  His company has run the BESS meeting for many years now.  It is clear that he has a provisional booking in 2022 for Liverpool Convention Centre.  The booking also includes a provisional booking for the course dinner within Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.  Rish Parmar and myself are due to meet Mr Mistry at the venue on 28th September to further discuss our proposal.

Working forward from here I would envisage building a specific sub committee of the NW Upper Limb Group who would be responsible for planning and delivering the future BESS meeting in 2022.  I doubt whether all the hospitals within the NW Upper Limb Group will wish to be involved in this but I would welcome any expressions of interests from individual members of the group who would like to take this proposal on board and join with us in contributing to the organisation of this event.

If you would like your name to be considered as such please pass a message to your secretary Rish Parmar.  We will have further information for the group at our November meeting.

The last point is a call for further units to take on the educational role of our meetings.  We plan to have one meeting as usual in January and one in May and at present we still need volunteers from units for the educational content for the May evening.  Again, please contact Rish if you would like to volunteer. January’s meeting will have a lecture from Mr Adnan Saithna from Southport. The topic will be Current Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Long Head of Biceps Tendon Pathlogy.

Best wishes.
Peter Hughes
NWULG President.

Dear All,
I have confirmed the dates for the following meetings
23rd January 2018
15th May 2018
My email address is for any correspondence.
NWULG Secretary